I offer bespoke training in the fields of Scrum, Kanban, Product Ownership, Product Development, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, eXtreme Programming and Clean Code.

I also offer Training from the Back of the Room Trainer-the-Trainer workshops (including certification) as well as Management 3.0 training (including certification).

My training is active and hands-on and based on the Training from the Back of the Room framework as well as simulations (serious games). In iterations, I let you re-connect with previous knowledge and subsequently will briefly explain concepts and theory as a solid foundation. The participants then will experience these concepts in simulated environments. Finally, I will debrief and we will discuss the learnings of the subject matter as well as how to make them work within your organisation.

My training is built on the experience I have collected by working on a long-term basis for different organisations, teams and people.

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