Multitasking Infection

I developed the gameĀ Multitasking Infection to show managers that multitasking can have severe effects not only to themselves but especially to their teams. in addition this game aims to make anyone aware of the negative effects and how to deal with them successfully. Multitasking Infection is now online. The slides from my session at the PMCamp 2014 in Berlin can be found on Slideshare.


Agile Practitioner, Trainer, Coach at vividbreeze consulting
Since the late 1990s Chris has been working in different projects for major national and international corporations, small businesses and start-ups, advising companies in areas from software architecture to project management. Chris has been part, led or coached project teams of different sizes. His field of expertise encompasses agile project management, business and requirements analysis as well as technical analysis, design and implementation.

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