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  1. The Sprint (and common misunderstandings) | Christoph Moser
    09/06/2018 @ 2:56 pm

    […] To continue with the football metaphor: If a defender is standing 2m from the goal and in possession of the ball, he won’t say “no, I am just defending, I don’t shoot goals”. The forward player won’t say “I have to shoot the goal”, even if he doesn’t have a free line of fire. He will probably pass the ball to another player in a better position. The same counts for the team. The team members, of course, have their areas of expertise. However, in addition, they have knowledge and expertise in other areas or they can or want to extend their knowledge in other areas (aka T-Shape), e.g. a Java Developer will also be able to help with any other programming language or even testing, a CSS expert might want to learn how to use JavaScript and others. So if a bottleneck or any other problem occurs the whole team helps to remove it. You can experience these benefits by playing Consonants and Vowels. […]